Everything That You Need to Know About Motor Club of America

There has been a buzz around MCA since 2011. Before 2011, Motor Club of America was just a regular roadside assistance company that would come and assist you with your car problems such as towing, lock out, fuel, etc. After 2011, the questions has risen, “What is Motor Club of America?”, and “How can I make money?”. You may be looking for a review or a testimonial from the member perspective and also from the associate perspective. In this article, I will break down Motor Club of America so it’s a better understanding. I will also go over how to join. 

Let’s Address the Misconceptions…

First and foremost, let’s address the scam and pyramid scheme rumors because at this point it has gotten out of hand. MCA was one of the first companies that the masses found out about. For the people who weren’t aware that you can make money from home before hand were the first people to scream, “it’s a scam!” It is the most annoying thing in the world because people are ignorant to the fact that it’s a real company. People do not bother to research and have the nerve to say it’s a scam or something illegal. Pump the breaks people. You get paid to bring people into the company as a customer or independent contractor, that’s it.

I’m sure you have seen people who have tried to break down why MCA is a scam as well. As a marketer, let me be the first to tell you that, they are marketers as well. It’s a tactic used to get the attention from other opportunities and get the people to focus on their opportunity. It is done all of the time. There’s a 95% chance that at the end of their video or article, it mentions another program to check out.

Recap: They are marketers with other companies that want you to look at their business instead.  

How MCA Works…

The simple explanation to how MCA works is, you get paid to bring (or refer) people to the company. You will get paid if someone joins your team as an independent contractor or as a customer. Either way they will need an active membership so either way you will get paid for referring them.

The Compensation Plan

This is the part where people get confused because there are so many ways to get paid with MCA. Let’s start off with the basics:

  • You get paid $80.00 (USD) for every Total Security Membership or Higher that you sell (example attached below)
  • There are 4 generations that you can earn from if you have not upgraded to the platinum plan
  • You get bonuses when your team members make sales as well ($6.00 for first generation members, $1.32 for generation 2 and 3, $.60 for generation 4 members)
  • If you sign up with the platinum plan then you can start making residual income (example attached below)

The Platinum Plan

mcaplatinumplanmatrix Everything You Need to Know About MCA

Motor Club of America Chargebacks

Okay, people get nervous when they hear that you can get a chargeback when someone that you recruited cancels their membership. Don’t panic!

  • The money comes out of future checks, not your bank account.
  • If you sell 5 memberships or more during the week that they quit, then money WILL NOT be deducted from your next check. Basically, if you’re doing your job and recruiting people like a ninja then you don’t have anything to worry about. You will receive a charge back bonus for the amount that was suppose to be taken out of your check.

Motor Club of America Benefits & Discounts

Here’s a list of Benefits and Discounts that you will receive when you become a MCA member

  • Unlimited Roadside Assistance (Battery Boost, Fuel Delivery, Tire Change, Lock Out Service, etc.)
  • Travel Discounts (Hotel, Rental Car, etc.)
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Prescription Discount
  • Arrest & Bail Bonds
  • Attorney Fees
  • Credit Card Protection
  • Emergency Reimbursement Benefits
  • Daily Hospital Benefit
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Travel Assistance Program
  • & More
How to Join the MCA Family
  1. Headover to TVCMatrix.com (Click)
  2. Choose your desired plan (MCA Total Security Plan Most Common)
  3. Push the ‘Add to Cart’ button
  4. Fill out your contact information
  5. Select your payment information (Debit (non-prepaid) or Credit Card, or Bank Wire)
  6. Select your password
  7. Push Place Order
  8. On the next page, make sure to check the box if you are joining the MCA family as an associate
  9. If you are joining through the link above, you will receive Access to My Secret Training Site Within 1 hour.

If you have any questions, please contact me at mcagetsyoupaid@gmail.com